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System Enhancements

Enhance your HVAC system with these health & safety products

cleaneffects asthma and allergy support

Trane CleanEffects

Trane CleanEffects utilizes breakthrough air cleaning technology to remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens from the air that passes through the HVAC filter.

  • Creates a cleaner operating system for your home, keeping your system operating more efficiently
  • Purifies the air in your home providing cleaner air for your family to breathe
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iWave Air Purifier

Moisture on Demand, Eco-friendly, Reduced Heating Bills, Out of Sight – Out of Mind, Minimal maintenance.

  • Helps ensure your family and home get the correct amount of moisture
  • Lips, skin, and furniture all need protection from dry air
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Honeywell UV Light

  • Provides automatic ventilation 24/7
  • Transfers energy from the air being exhausted inside to the air being drawn in from outside
cleaneffects asthma and allergy support

Honeywell 4/5″ Media Filter

Enhance your HVAC system with energy saving accessories

cleaneffects asthma and allergy support

Honeywell 8000 WiFi TSat

  • 7-inch color display
  • Room-by-room control
  • Customizable screens
  • 5-day weather forecasts
    trane thermostat

    Trane XL824 WiFi TSat

    • Adjustable by mobile devices
    • Energy savings reduce utility costs
    • Programmable maintenance reminders by text and email alerts

    Wireless Camera

    Add wireless cameras to your system to increase home security and remotely monitor children and pets while you are away

    trane thermostat

    Nexia LiNK Appliance Module

    Set lights to welcome you when specific codes are entered at the lock. Set Panic Feature to illuminate all lights in the event of an emergency or a home intrusion

    • Incorporate scheduled lighting while on vacation
    • Turn on or off lights when you are away from home
    cleaneffects asthma and allergy support

    Surge Protectors

    Designed to dissipate the damaging effects of momentary voltage spikes or other transient power surges, specially made for HVAC systems.

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    Maintenance Agreement

    With our agreement you can be assured that your HVAC equipment is inspected and maintained regularly and you will benefit from professional maintenance service.

    • Save money on operating costs
    • Planned Maintenance Customers receive priority on service! Learn more.

    For emergency service or to schedule an appointment.

    Financing available. Subject to credit approval. Contact dealer for more information.