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When to Use a Ductless Mini Split

May 12, 2022

mitsubishi ductless mini split

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Using a ductless mini split in your home improvement project can pay off in savings for you now and in the long run. Mini splits are perfect for additions, sunrooms, garages, storage buildings and apartments.

If you’re in the process of renovating a space or dreaming about a project in the future, we want to share some of the benefits you can enjoy when you opt for a mini split to heat and cool your space.



They are Compact
Ductless mini splits are compact, which helps to maximize the space in your newly renovated room. The outdoor unit is also compact, so it does not claim too much space in your landscaping.

Another more obvious way a mini split saves space is that it does not require ductwork. This is a huge benefit if you’re renovating a space where there’s no room to add ductwork.

They Offer Flexible Options
Here at Price Services, we install Mitsubishi mini splits. They have wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and ceiling cassette options. Having so many options for mounting gives you flexibility when it comes to designing your indoor space.

Mini Splits are Quicker and Easier to Install
Let’s be honest, any time you can keep a renovation project moving quickly, it’s a good thing. Ductless mini splits are quicker and easier to install than central air units. This means it’s going to help you start using your new space sooner.

Also, most mini splits only require a three-inch hole through the wall to run the conduit to the outdoor unit. That’s a less invasive option for your home than hooking up central air.



We’ve shared some of the immediate benefits of choosing to use a ductless mini split, but we also want to mention the long-term benefits. You probably want to know you will be happy with your investment for many years and comfortable every day you spend time in your new space.

Ductless mini splits are actually very efficient heating and cooling options. Each indoor unit can be adjusted separately to better manage the temperature in individual rooms. You also don’t have to worry about ductwork leaking or clogged air filters when using a mini split. That is helpful to keeping your home energy efficient.



Everything is more expensive these days. So, that’s why we want to highlight that ductless mini splits are reasonably priced and typically a less expensive option than central air.

When you need to save some money, but still want a quality HVAC system, a ductless mini split is a great option that can save you some money during your renovation/construction project.



Mini splits are perfect for use in bonus rooms, garages, sunrooms, new additions, and apartments. You may have an area in your home where ductwork just cannot be installed. This is where ductless mini splits work great. Having this HVAC option puts the decision back into your hands about how you want to renovate and use the space in your home.



Like we said before, here at Price Services, we install Mitsubishi Mini Splits. We’re a Diamond Dealer, which allows us to offer our customers a 12 year warranty on parts and 2 year warranty on labor. Mitsubishi mini splits are very reliable, and they are the product line we recommend.


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