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Letter to the Editor

Aug 11, 2019News

From the Tryon Daily Bulletin

Business Opportunity in Polk County?

Polk County is a fabulous place to live, with possibly one exception — finding service companies for home repairs.

In the last few months, I have needed septic tank help and air conditioning help. Attempts to get in touch with local, highly visible septic and HVAC companies have been a disaster. Phone calls aren’t returned or promises to get back to me aren’t followed up on.

Half the success in business is competence in your field of expertise. The other half is simple customer service – returning phone calls and reliable follow up. Based on my experience, that’s a void in Polk County and a big opportunity for competent, customer-focused businesses.

I am not alone on this. When I ask friends, they all say they have the same frustrations.

I believe there are opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, for one of two reasons: demand that is greater than supply or an opportunity to offer superior service.

To be fair, one company has stood head and shoulders above the others in both quality of work and good customer service – Price Services Heating and Air. Having utilized their services multiple times, they have a 100% success rate in work quality, professionalism and customer service. Thank you Price; I wish there were more companies like you serving Polk County.

Don Hofmann, Columbus

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