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Indoor Air Quality — IAQ

Jul 6, 2017Products

Did you know that the air inside your home can be more contaminated than the air outside the home.

Germs, dust, and allergens make up a large percentage of particles in the air. Dirty air in the home can cause a multitude of problems. Increased allergy issues, increased dust on furniture as well as the spreading of germs and viruses. Technology has come a long way in the HVAC world.Offering solutions to your IAQ problems. The Air Scrubber Plus is just one of the IAQ products we offer.This product uses a UV light to kill mold and bacteria while also sending ions into the air to kill germs and viruses on hard surfaces.

The benefits of the Air Scrubber Plus are:

  • Reduces Contaminants
  • Banishes lingering odors
  • Purifies the air
  • Extends the life of your system

WOW! That sounds like an awesome product! That’s because it is.

We bring home germs from school, daycare, and the office. These germs can land on door knobs, counter tops and floors. The technology in this product is designed to clean 99% of this contaminants on hard surfaces, as mentioned above,  while also purifying the air. That musty smell that may be in an older home, burnt dinner or smoke from a family member can all be banished when the Air Scrubber Plus is working through your duct system. Having this product can also help extend the life of you system because the dust and allergens are being killed by the Air Scrubber Plus and not entering the filter and causing build up in the coils.

This is a great product to have for your home. It has space certified technology to offer the best in IAQ. This product has also been, ” Mom Approved” , receiving a 99% Success rate by Mothers that have used this product. If you have small children in school or daycare this product is for you! Help stop the spread of viruses in your home. Take a deep breath and keep calm because The Air Scrubber Plus is at work in your home helping you to be more healthy.

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