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Are Your Vent Covers Clean?

Mar 18, 2018Tips

When did you last clean your vent covers? Spring has arrived.

So have the days of spring cleaning. This is the perfect time to clean your HVAC vent covers. We tend to overlook these, however, dust can collect overtime and cause harm to your system. Changing your filters every thirty days is always a good habit but cleaning the vent cover can be as much help as a new filter. Keeping your vents clean also helps the air in your home to stay clean. When dust is removed the air can pass through easier.

Taking the time to clean your vents can:

  • Help remove excess dust from the air
  • Allow the filter to perform more proficiently
  • Provide a cleaner look to your home

The cleaning process is simple and easy. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the vent monthly after changing your filter. Twice a year remove the vents and clean using warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. This is such a simple task that can be done in no time. Hop into spring with a clean home, clean vents, and clean air.

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