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Does the brand of HVAC equipment matter?

Jun 23, 2021Products

Here at Price Services we offer a variety of brands. We offer Rheem and Trane. We give our customers lots of options. Each of these brands has unique differences that insure that we are able to give you, the customer, options to meet your individual heating and cooling needs.


Rheem is a very affordable but durable product. The cost does not reflect the quality of the product. With a product line ranging from basic to elite comfort. There is something for everyone to choose from in this line. This is one of our most popular brands that we carry.


Trane is the most known brand in HVAC equipment. It has won numerous awards for quality. With high efficiency equipment and the Signature Weather Guard top that is patented by Trane only, it’s needless to say that “It’s Hard to Stop a Trane.” We have seen Trane units over 30yrs old still running.

Let us help in your decision making!

Even though choosing the right Equipment is a big part of the process. The biggest priority is how well the Company is going to install and service the equipment. If the installation is poor and not to proper specifications it doesn’t matter which brand you have chosen it will not work properly. Knowing that you have a company that will ensure a QUALITY installation and CUSTOMER SERVICE is one of the most important parts of the process. At Price Services we pride ourselves on customer service and guarantee all of our work. The brand is only one piece of the puzzle. Having a company to stand behind you and support you when there is a problem is what really matters.

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