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Single Stage vs. Multi stage HVAC

Mar 5, 2020Products

According to the EPA the average American spends 93% of their time indoors. WOW! That’s a lot of time! But also most homes in America have a Single Stage HVAC unit. That leads to the question…..Are we really experiencing maximum comfort levels while indoors? This brings us to the comparison of Single Stage HVAC equipment vs. Multi stage HVAC equipment.

Single Stage HVAC System

Single stage, simply put, means the system has one stage, so that it runs at 1 speed (max) during each cycle. Did you know the most expensive run time of your HVAC system is the “Shut on and Shut off”? They are also the most expensive appliance in your home to operate. HVAC systems are sized to be able to maintain desired temperatures on the hottest day of summer and coldest day of winter. Having said that, what about the other 363 days of the year? Your home may not need the full capacity of conditioned air on a mild day, but, with a single stage unit it only has the capability of blowing at 100% capacity even if it is not needed. Because of this, single stage equipment is far less efficient and only offers one level of comfort.

Multi Stage HVAC System

Multi- stage HVAC units, simply put, this unit has multiple stages to offer more comfort levels. This means your system can run at max capacity on the worst of weather days but can also ramp down as low as 25% capacity for every other day of the year. This makes a multi stage unit more efficient, not to mention quieter and a longer life expectancy. These systems also run longer times at lower speeds helping to ring the air of moisture as well as reducing the constant “on & off” Cycle. The best multi stage unit can offer up to 750 stages of comfort. Who doesn’t want that? Multi stage technology is the latest in HVAC equipment and has become rapidly popular. The amount of comfort these systems can offer is incomparable to the comfort level of a single stage. Not to mention the excellent efficiency rating, moisture control and quietness.

Here at Price Services we offer the latest in Multi stage equipment. We want to inform each and every customer of all options so that an informed decision can be made. It is our goal to make sure our customers are comfortable to matter what the season.

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