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Why A Smart Thermostat?

Dec 20, 2016Products

Do you travel often? Do you work long hours? Do you feel like you are gone more than you are at home?

Sometimes our busy life styles have us everywhere but home on most days. However, when you are home you want nothing more than to be able to relax and enjoy some down time. The last thing on your mind is your HVAC system, until it stops working and all that quite time you were going to enjoy has now been interrupted by phone calls to a service technician and troubleshooting your thermostat to try and get the system operating again. This is where a NEXIA Smart Thermostat can be of assistance.

These Thermostats are:

  • WiFi or Ethernet ready
  • Controlled from Smartphones
  • Touchscreen
  • Technician Accessible

For those who travel, you pack everything needed for the trip, make sure the plain tickets are secure and rush out the door to arrive 3 hours early to the airport where the security checks seem endless. You finally find your seat on the plain and just as you get situated you remember you forgot to set your thermostat to an efficient temperature during your time away.

With a NEXIA smart thermostat there’s no need to worry.

Open the NEXIA app, type your code and set your thermostat to the desired temperature. Choose that temperature for the duration of your trip and close the app. However, the trip has to end at some point and you will find yourself packing, rushing back to the airport to fly home. You remember that you changed the temperature on your thermostat and now its either going to be colder or hotter than you would normally have it set. Once again, No Worries! Open the NEXIA app and set it to the new desired temperature. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! No worrying that your system will be running at 72 degrees when its 30 degrees outside and wasting energy while you are not there. Now you can enjoy your vacation with a little more ease knowing that you are not wasting energy (money) and that your home will be comfortable when you return. It’s a WIN WIN situation!

For those who enjoy your precious time at home, you don’t want to walk in from a busy day and realize that your HVAC system has not been running properly and your house is either too cold or too hot. This is when the NEXIA thermostat can be of help. It will alert you at the first sign something is not quite right with your system. Your problem may be as simple as a filter change, something that can be taken care in no time. With one call you could have a service technician on the way to hopefully have your problem fixed by the time you get home and you can enjoy the rest of your evening. If your problem becomes more technical you can allow Technician access through your app or thermostat and it will allow our company to see the history of your systems run time and hopefully give us a better understanding of what the problem might be.

The NEXIA Thermostats has many features:

  • 5 day weather forecast
  • Service Reminders
  • Air Cleaner settings
  • Humidity Level displays

These thermostats speak for themselves! Smart Thermostats are the hot new products on the market in the Heating and Air Industry. Our trained service technicians will come and install this thermostat and walk you through the operating process as well as, guiding you through downloading the NEXIA app and the log in process.

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