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Lower Your Power Bill

Jul 17, 2016Tips

Make sure your system is running efficiently.

During hot summer days and on cold winter nights your system works extra hard to keep you at your desired comfort level. Due to this, your energy bill may be more than normal during these seasons. Let us help you! We offer a unique agreement that will allow your system to run more efficiently, ultimately cutting the cost of your power bill. Our Energy Maintenance Agreement” allows us to find minor deficiency problems before they become a bigger and more costly issue. Did you know that most units have energy wasting problems? Here are the Facts:

  1. 1/100th of an inch of dirt on an evaporator coil can increase operation cost
  2. Dirty blower wheel can reduce airflow over 30%
  3. 23% refrigerant undercharge can cause 52% efficiency loss
  4. 10% reduction in air volume can decrease fan energy consumption by 30
  5. 15% return air leak from 120 degrees attic can double operating cost

These are facts that most are not familiar with. Our trained service technicians will come out and check all areas of your heating and cooling system and duct system. We will check filters, clean coils and burners, and inspect duct work for air leaks. By checking these things, we are able to insure that your system is running as efficiently as possible. While our technicians are checking for efficiency they are also checking to make sure that your system is in working order. To do this they will:

  1. Inspect safeties and controls
  2. Adjust thermostat calibration
  3. Inspect electrical connections
  4. Inspect and clean condensate drains
  5. Inspect and replace thermocouple and nozzle as needed

Our Energy Maintenance Agreement

All of these things combined are intended to make sure that your system is running properly and as efficiently as it should be. With our, Energy Maintenance Agreement, our technicians come out twice a year to check all of the components listed above. In most cases it’s good to have your system serviced in the spring and fall. Checking before the heat of summer and the cold of winter can help to find minor problems before they become major problems and you are left to be uncomfortable in your own home. No one wants to be too HOT in the summer or too COLD in the winter. Call our office to inquire about our Energy Maintenance Agreement today and help insure that you stay comfortable in your home all year long! Become a Priority Service Member today! For more information click here! We service the upstate of South Carolina and parts of western North Carolina. Don’t call the rest, call the BEST! 

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